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Guitars have always been present in my life ever since I began to play at the age of 16 in my home town of Bogota, Colombia. In the late seventies, it was very common to find a classical guitar in the homes in Bogota, but the quality and characteristic were not best suited for the demands of the rising generation of professional concert players. This trend included my own home, we owned an old guitar bought by my father as a gift for my older brothers. That classical guitar was the first one I restored and the start of a hobby I would enjoy for the rest of my life.

Currently, the construction of one of my guitars is the product of about 150 hours of wood-crafting and undetermined hours of varnish padding to achieve a good French polish finish. The process begins with materials that come from all around the world: Spruce from Germany, Italy, Canada and Yugoslavia, Western red cedar and Engelmann spruce from Canada, Sitka spruce and yellow cedar from Alaska, Rosewood from Madagascar, India, Africa Central and South America, Ebony from Africa, and, many others from different countries. The materials used for each guitar must be carefully selected for their acoustic attributes and beauty, and, maintained under a humidity controlled environment for many years in my shop before they are used in the construction of an instrument.

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